• Services

Our team specialises in finding the most appropriate solutions, preparing technical projects as well as implementing ideas and needs of our Customers. Owing to many years of experience of the company, we know what solutions work best but at the same time we are open to new opportunities and challenges on the part of Investors.

Our offer for services:

  • Implementing technical and technological projects.
  • Assembly and disassembly of production lines.
  • Service of production lines.
  • Service specialised equipment (e.g. service of twisters at Michelin Poland Plant in Olsztyn).
  • Repairs of industrial equipment (e.g. repairs of tyre building machines, repairs of presses for tyres).
  • Repairs of construction equipment (e.g. repairs of backhoe loaders, excavators, bulldozers).
  • Laser cutting.
  • Precise laser welding.
  • TIG, MAG, MIG welding.
  • Reconstruction and renovation of old metal products (fencing, gates, railings). [CAUTION! We have the power for conservation supervision].
  • Reviews and repair of historic tower clocks (churches, town halls, castles).