Fencing, roofing and gates

Are you looking for an interesting idea for a fence? Do you want the gate on the property was both functional and impressive? You are at the very right place! We will meet all your requirements.


We offer a wide range of assortment of fencing intended for use in:

  • residential properties,
  • industrial facilities,
  • sports facilities,
  • public facilities.

In addition, we provide our Customers free of charge technical measurement and consultations on the selection of appropriate fencing systems. Our fencing is a wide range of colours and designs, from simple to more decorative forms. We are confident that each of you will choose fencing appropriately tailored to the individual requirements and expectations.


Fencing made of square, round or flat bars. This type of fencing allows for application of many decorative elements, so-called forged elements (e.g. torsion elements, baskets, rosettes, balusters, spears).

Panel fencing (galvanised, powder coated). The most commonly used for fencing of industrial and sports facilities.

Galvanised mesh. These are galvanised nettings, produced in the worm technology. The material from which our mesh is made, ensures protection of fencing against weather conditions.

Coated mesh. Mesh coated with plastic PVC lagging significantly extending durability of our mesh.


We specialise in the production of roofing over the entrance door to industrial facilities as well as on terraces and balconies.

Depending on our Customer’s request we perform structures made of aluminium, black steel (powder or spray coated) or stainless steel.

The filling glazing consists of polycarbonate solid and cellular panels (arched and flat roofing), as well as safety glass and tempered glass depending on the spacing of the supporting structure.


Each gate is designed for mounting the steering mechanism. Drives are specially adapted to the gate weight and opening frequency. They are perfect for closing private properties, housing estates and safety measures of entries to companies or institutions.

Our offer covers filling of the gates in several types:

  • steel sections,
  • forged elements,
  • metalwork elements,

and many others that will satisfy even the most demanding Customers.


Sliding gates – move along the fencing, and therefore they do not occupy space in light of the passage. Application of the self-supporting structure and specially profiled running rail, along which trolleys move, ensure smooth and stable movement of the gate. Application of such construction ensures the smooth functioning of the gate in all weather conditions.

Double-wing gates are the traditional solution for entrance gates. They are made according to individual order of the Customer.